Martial Arts Classes Will Give Your Child Confidence

Kids who are train in martial arts classes are less likely to be bullied, succumb to peer pressure and make smart decisions because of their confidence learnt through training. Discipline and character building are just part of the normal bi-products that parents can expect their kids to gain while training in the kids martial arts classes in Gresham at the world famous MMA gym, Team Quest. 

Our expert coaches are here to help give your child a safe and encouraging platform to practice realistic forms of self-defense that could potentially save their lives and prevent them from being bullied. The kids martial arts classes are designed to teach kids how to learn the basics in mixed martial arts. We cover everything from Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing & most importantly self awareness to be able to control a situation that could be dangerous.  


The numbers on bullying are staggering! 42% of the kids at school are bullying other kids. The chances that your child is going to be bullied is high enough that you should consider taking preventative action by empowering them to be confident enough to stand up to bullying for themselves and others. 56% of the kids at school witness bullying at their schools in their class rooms and do nothing about it. If your child unfortunately lands up in the 14% of the kids at school that are complete victims, that means 86% of the kids at school are literally doing nothing to stop bullying or bullying your child. Choosing to enroll your child in our kids martial arts classes in Gresham at Team Quest MMA could literally make the difference between them being a victim or a confident individual that has the ability to stand up to bullies for themselves and others. 


What our kids martial arts classes do for your child


We are confident that our kids martial arts classes will help your child with the skills listed above and encourage you to have them come and try a class for FREE. We feel that the skills learned will help your child succeed in life as well as on the training mat. 

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